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John Sharvin has been working in glass since late 2008. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2012 with a BFA in glass. After working around Columbus for a few years he moved to Pittsburgh to work as a Tech Apprentice at Pittsburgh Glass Center. He now works full time at the Glass Center as the Studio Technician Manager.

Artist Statement

John Sharvin’s work explores the separation between the reality and the imaginary through the use of miniatures and glass sculpture. Creating these miniature landscapes draws the viewer into a new and intimate realm, reminiscent of a shadowbox. These dreamlike and often nostalgic worlds create deceptive memories and locations for the viewer to reflect on. Recollection of a place or memory is often distorted through the lens of time.  When recalling past memories, he often wonders what is fact and what is fabricated. His recent work draws from the memories he had with his recently deceased Grandparents, from spending summers with them to going on vacations across the country.

Blown Away

I am excited for season 3 of Blow Away to air on Netflix on July 22nd! More details to follow!

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