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This pair of Manatees were made for the 2021 Glass Life Forms show at the Fuller Craft Museum. 


"Glass Lifeforms 2021" will be an exhibition of the best biological glass models made in the spirit of the famous 19th and 20th century models of invertebrates and plants made by the father and son team, Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka for the Harvard University’s Botanical Museum. Models were mandated to be of specific species and rendered as accurately as possible, but artistic presentation and creative contexts were strongly encouraged. Artists working in any glass technique (lampworking, glassblowing, casting, pâte de verre, etc.) were invited to submit an entry (one per artist or collaborative team). The jurying criteria was based on accuracy in representing the organism, aesthetic beauty, presentation, and originality. 53 pieces were selected from the work submitted for the exhibit.

Mother and Daughter Manatee

Expected to ship in 5-8 Weeks
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