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Step into the mysteries of outer space with my handmade moon sculptures. Each piece is crafted with care, bringing to life the wonder and endless possibilities of the cosmos. As an artist, I find inspiration in the vastness of the universe, with its endless potential for discovery and exploration.

Working with my hands, I pour my imagination and creativity into each sculpture, shaping every crater and surface detail with precision and care. Every piece is unique, with its own individual character and charm. Whether you choose to display your moon sculpture on a wall or as a freestanding work of art, it will serve as a reminder of the beauty and majesty of the cosmos.

For an extra touch of elegance, my freestanding moon sculptures come with a beautiful walnut base, while my wall-mounted pieces feature a sleek silver bracket. Each sculpture is a testament to the mysteries and endless potential of the universe, and a beautiful addition to any space.


Dimensions, about 4"-5" in diameter and about 14" tall or 12" from wall.

Moon Sculpture

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