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A slight spin off of my best selling Ascend glasses. These glasses truly shimmer in the star light. Each glass has a thin strip of Dichroic glass strategically places to mimic a comet tail. Dichroic Glass is a technology wherein extremely thin films of metal are vacuum deposited on a glass surface. Originally developed for NASA, the coated glass shields spacecraft instruments from cosmic radiation and protects human vision from unfiltered sunlight in space.

These one of a kind rocks glasses are designed and hand-blown by using a custom turn-mold which provides a seamless, resilient glass. If you want to maximize the visual effect of clear ice, this is the glass to use. The design and profile creates a truly unique visual experience while you enjoy your favorite beverage. The cascading steps and angular recesses plays with light in such a way that makes it hard to tell where the glass ends and the clear ice begins. They actually make your drink taste even better.

3 5/8" Tall, 3 1/4" OD, 3" ID

Dimensions may vary slightly.

Holds about 8oz.

Star Dust Ascend Glass

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